AFRICC GROUP has a subsidiary company named "AFRICC BRAZIL". AFRICC Brazil helps our customer to have a direct access to commodities and accompany Brazilian companies that want to integrate the African Market.

West Africa

The country is a major importer of food products and grants benefits to companies operating in the territory. It is the central point of management of our activities in the ECOWAS zone and in the neighboring countries where our AfrICC representatives are located. In Ivory Coast, we have developed commodity trading, entrepreneurship programs, and business consulting activities.


Thanks to our representatives, we are able to extend our import and export activities on all our products and services to Asia.
In the United Arab Emirates, we operate primarily in the field of Food Commodities Trading from Dubai where we work with our network of wholesalers and distributors on a large scale. Our network facilitates the payment process on large volumes of purchase or sale.


Senegal is an essential base for the program for African entrepreneurship. Senegal benefits from a youth with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Through our programs, we want to support these entrepreneurs to create profitable and sustainable activities.

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